Clarity in every image, confidence in every diagnosis.
Optimize Surgical Procedures and Improve Patient Care
Caring For The Health of Pets
Premium surgical instruments for all your medical needs.
Advanced technology for precise illumination during surgical procedures.
SonoAir 70 Redefine the Future of Portable Ultrasound
The world's lightest and thinnest laptop ultrasound. SonoAir-best portable laptop ultrasound machine for sale. SonoAir combines high-definition image quality and intelligent features to help physicians achieve a fast and reliable diagnosis.
Surgical Instruments
Endoscopy Basic Instruments ENT Abdominal Surgery Obstetrics and Gynecology Urology and Proctology Thoracic Cardiovascular Surgery Neurosurgery Microsurgery Orthopedics Spine Ophthalmology Plastic Surgery Oral
Veterinary Solution
Ultrasound / Wireless Pocket Probe Patient Monitors / ECG X ray Operation Table Surgical instruments for birth control Hematology Analyzer Pet Rapid Test Kit
QBIT9 4D Color Ultrasound with 21.5inch Screen
QBit 9 provides you with an enjoyable and intuitive operating experience. It’s your complete solution for ultrasound diagnosis. Operating system is uncluttered and simple allowing you to provide fast accurate diagnosis.
Endoscape System
Intelligence Medical Empowers More
Ultrasound/ Endoscopy System/ Smarter Ventilator / Extensive monitoring/ In-Vitro Diagnostics/ Operation Room Device/ Medical Imaging Solution/ Vet Solution/ Patient Monitoring & Life Support/ ENT/ Ophthalmology/ Defibrillator/ AED/ ECG/ Sugical Light/ Sugical Table/ Anesthesia machine.
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Our customer-oriented philosophy leads us to continuously improve and broaden our product portfolio, ranging from patient monitoring through infusion pumps,ventilators to anesthesia machines, surgical devices and endoscope. This enables us to offer the right solution for a number of different care environments, including pre-hospital care, emergency care, perioperative care and intensive care.